Vipin Kannekanti .  Isolation.

Vipin Kannekanti. Isolation.




In our inaugural issue, we explore personal neurosis. We asked y'all to submit work based on your daily stress, and we got back amazing work by a diverse group of artists. The works submitted explore a range of topics including body dysphoria, deportation, loneliness, and the stress of making art. We look at the beauty that can come from embracing and exploring our anxiety, and hopefully learn that in the end : nothing really matters, so fuck it. Live, laugh, love & all that other corny b.s.


"Our generation is noted for it's anxiety. Economic anxiety, social anxiety, and general uncertainty infect our daily lives. As a generation, we've found ourselves with muddy futures. We're still recovering from the 2008 Depression, dealing with an unorthodox political situation, and any action we take is mocked because of our love of avocados and 90's cartoons. We are overwhelmed. The communities we create for ourselves are ridiculed as "safe spaces" and our desire to improve society is slandered as "political correctness" - both innocent terms that become weapons used to negate our search for peace and sanity. Our anxiety and search for stability is seen as a weakness.

It's exhausting to want to live. Our contributing artists have faced deportation, sexual assault, financial instability, depression, and suicidal thoughts. They are here today despite the pain. This will to live has manifested as anxiety.

Our anxiety is a beautiful and broken thing. It's proof that we believe we can live past whatever is thrown at us, and it makes that very life difficult to live. It keeps us awake at night. It makes social situations impossible. It fills us with dread as we live paycheck to paycheck. Anxiety is suffocating us with our will to live. 

I began anxiety group with the goal of creating a space where artists and creatives from all fields can come together to release the stress and breathe. Catharsis and the reprieve it provides is important to survival, and I've found the best way to achieve it is simply by stating your woes. There is often a fear that speaking about a problem manifests it, but in affirming reality, we're able to address it. That is what we do as artists. We affirm our reality and re-imagine it through our art. The goal of this magazine is to assemble the individual realities of artists and present them to the public. There are complex and personal things each of us are going through and the stress of it is overwhelming, but we will live through it. We will fight day by day to not just survive past all the bullshit, but to thrive."  - Brian O'Mahoney


Our Fall issue (#002) will explore the theme of "self-care".  What do you do to take care of your mental health? Spa days? Hot showers? Cold fruit? Music? Where do you go? What do you do? How effective is it? WE ACCEPT WORK FROM poets. visual artists. performance artists. writers. illustrators. chefs. makeup artists. set designers. architects. costumers. photographers. light artists. industrial designers. clowns. directors. curators. filmmakers. inventors and more! THIS INCLUDES BUT ISN'T LIMITED TO poems. essays. photographs. film stills. performance documentation. recipes. short stories. design drafts. installation documentation. sketches. illustrations. product designs. etc etc.

Deadline : August 30, 2018 | submit your stress here